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EGX Indie Highlights Part 1 - Distraction Crew

EGX Indie Highlights Part 1

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main attractions and the lengthy queues of people waiting to try out the latest blockbusters, are the indie titles that have seen increased popularity recently due to the rise in digital sales. It was also a great opportunity to speak to the developers themselves and see the passion in the games they are displaying. Here at Distraction Crew we have picked some of highlights from the Indie section.



We were intrigued to play this after we had watched the first teaser trailer. The setting and story looked appealing and we wanted to find out more details on the narrative and why this particular setting suited the experience they were trying to create. This was the first time RGBird games had shown any gameplay footage to the public, so we were really classed as tester or Guinea Pigs, whichever you prefer, but from what we were able to play it seemed to have great potential. We had 3 scenarios, the first was to chase down an unnamed man that had just shot you. Next was a scenic canoe boat ride and lastly you had to make your way through a herd of Buffalo’s without ending up as herd kill. The first thing that struck us was how well this game would play as a VR experience. The first person makes you feel like with the heart of the herd, and as we would be ducking and dodging from being hit by the oncoming buffalo. We talked to the developers and he mentioned that they had thought about VR being something in the future for the game and how narrative of the story swaps between two different timeline. After getting our first hands on with Mute, we are really interested to see how the team expands the game in the future.


egx11Forager is a strange one, we weren’t sure how much of the game was being shown as we never managed to grab a developer to ask, but as we wondered through the forest foraging for dead grass for the base of our nest, we kept thinking to ourselves what we had to do. The concept of animal survival is a good one but the on screen instructions needed to be clearer cut. Just having an indication of the location of the den would have been a great and knowing what key it was to remove items you had collected. We understand however that there is still a long way to go before we see a final build, with us still curious to see how this one turns out.

 The Forgotten Ball

the forgotten ball

With the upsurge of indie titles, we have also seen the upsurge of simple puzzle games hitting the market, so it’s sometimes hard to make you game stand out. The Forgotten Ball starts you off at the top of the tower, before then plummeting to the bottom after you jump for your life. You control the ball left or right and have a jump button, that’s it, so the controls are simply enough. The game evolves into an abstract puzzler as you make your way up the towering labyrinth. It’s challenging and there are times when we were like what do we do here, starring at the screen until the solution appeared out of nowhere. Talking to Joshua Croft, he explained that the difficulty was set like this otherwise it would just be an hour long game. He did mentioned that he was still going to tweak certain areas so that it would be more consistent. The forgotten Ball is already out on the App Store and Google Play, with steam greenlight hopefully coming in the near future.



Thumper appealed to us because of it likeness to Spectra. It felt like we had been dropped in a Tron like universe as we were placed in a vehicle racing towards the enemy. As soon as those headphones were on it felt like you transported away from the leftfield collection and into this violence rhythm game. That is the term the team are describing it as and with it really like a mix up between the light cycle battles of Tron and the music orientated rhythms of Rez, it was a real surprise and a highlight.



This immediately struck us because of both the art style and the history and culture they had centered the game around. Controlling a shaman you must wonder through the beautiful landscape as they discover the history of the Sun and the stars. It plays like a simple 2D platformer, but once you gain the spirit guide you can start to manipulate different elements within the world. If you had played the brilliant Ori and the Blind Forest then can instantly draw references and art styles to it. The demo was only short and sweet but we are hoping for more information soon.


These weren’t the only Indie titles we got a chance to play, so please check back tomorrow for part 2 of our Indie Highlights from EGX.




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